Zeppelin Live!


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Zeppelin Live!


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The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute Band!


With the success of Led Zeppelin's spontaneous and powerful live shows, it was the intention of Zeppelin Live to bring this energy back to the stage in 2004.  With the release of the DVD Unseen Unheard, and the triple Live CD How the West was Won, it was time to see a band unleashing this sort of power on the stage again.  Combining their strengths with the production available today, this was one show simply not to be missed!

Many "Tribute" Bands tend to play the hit singles in straight succession, very much like any cover band would do in the Local Pub. Zeppelin Live was more like going to see Led Zeppelin live!  It was a show with Passion, Power and Obsession.  This band produced a show with a Huge Sound, intelligent lighting (and conventional's), and with all the moves of Zeppelin too, including the famous Violin Bow solo in Dazed and Confused, the Drum Solo in Moby Dick and the Theremin solo in Whole Lotta Love, to name just a few of the highlights.  And of course, no real Led Zeppelin tribute concert could omit Stairway to Heaven!

This show was based on the set list from Led Zeppelin's 1973 World Tour, so if you'd seen and enjoyed the movie The Song Remains the Same, this would have been the show for you.  There was no acoustic set, the performance was all about the power of Zeppelin, getting straight down to business.  In all it took about two hours, and covered a wide range of Led Zeppelin's electric material.



 quote! You guys nailed it ...  that really was the shit!  quote!

Carla - a long time Led Zeppelin devotee, after seeing  Zeppelin Live                     


 nb:   See lots of  Visuals  from the show!

 nb:   Read the  NZ Herald   ... who said anything about a review ... they wouldn't even know what they'd missed!




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