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The Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environmental Education and Research (BVIEER) in Pune, Maharashtra, was established in 1994. Its state of the art auditorium, at which the Concert for India’s Environment was held, was completed in 2001.




It’s main objective is to spread the message of the need for pro-environmental action in society at large, through a dual strategy of formal education and non Ðformal activities. It is unique in India in providing Environment Education at all levels ÐPhD, M.Sc, BSc and Diploma, together with outreach environment education programmes to schools, communities and a wide range of professionals, including teachers, personnel from the Forest Department and industries. Its Resource Centre develops need based environment education material.


RESEARCH at BVIEER is today focusing on two major projects.

  1. The BVIEER-ICEF (India Canada Environment Fund) Environmental Education project, focused on four important Tiger Reserves.
  2. The Project on Governing Emerging Megacities: Water, Health and Quality of Life, jointly with the University of Cologne.Ê This 11-year project concentrates on two emerging megacities (Guangzhou/China and Pune/ India), focusing on securing sustainable water, health supply, and quality of life and the development and implementation of effective governance and steering mechanisms.
 Tree Planting

                        Tree planting at BVIEER


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