"This is our 'Namasté' to India as a gem on this planet"

- Chinmaya Dunster



 Fragrance of the East


Welcome to this website for the film"CONCERT FOR INDIA'S ENVIRONMENT", by Chinmaya Dunster and the Celtic Ragas Band.

This film is of a multimedia concert recorded live at the Bharatiya Vidyapeeth Institute of Environmental Education and Awareness (BVIEER), Pune, India.

The music is blended with:
  • Poems on nature, composed and read by Indian schoolchildren.
  • Interviews with environmentalists and educators.
  • Stunning footage of scenery, wildlife and peoples from all over India.


Latest News

Visit Chinmaya Dunster's main website at www.chinmaya-dunster.com for news about Chinmaya, his music, his films and the Celtic Ragas Band, also news of other videos Chinmaya has shot at various locations within India.

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View:  A SENSE OF WONDER (the first part of the film)