"The environment - let's make a song and dance about it!"

- Chinmaya Dunster


Our Aims


 Fragrance of the East


The film aims to evoke feelings of reverence for the wonders of India's nature, and respect for the peoples who have lived alongside them and preserved so much of them over countless generations.

It is available free for download, copying and public performance, for all those who love India and care about the environment. It is hoped that it's message can help spread appreciation of the fragility of India's ecosystems and traditional peoples, both under threat at a time of rapid economic development.

Such appreciation requires feeling with the heart as well as understanding with the head. It is our hope that the combination of music and images from nature can help open the doors to the heart, while the voices of environmentalists help the viewer understand some of the issues.


 Fragrance of the East


Childrens' voices are a vital part of the video. We believe that inspiring them and educating them about the natural world is the key to maintaining India's biological and cultural heritage into the future.





View:  PAYING THE PRICE - WOMEN AND MINORITIES (the third part of the film)